Ready to use internal tools for your



Stop wasting time writing custom scripts and ad-hoc yaml files.


is a suite of fully-featured internal tools that can be easily installed onto your Kubernetes cluster.

Deploy on your Infrastructure

Kalm can be installed onto any Kubernetes cluster(v1.15+), with streamlined support for Amazon EKS and Google GKE.

Open Source

Kalm is open source, and is built on top of a collection of popular open source libaries. Deploy our open source version for free or use Kalm Cloud for convenience.

For Developers

Kalm is not solely designed for dedicated DevOps, but with the entire engineering team in mind. A consistent and clean web app helps lower the learning curve.

SSO and Access Control

Kalm allows you to control who gets access to specific cluster resources. Let us handle the low level Kubernetes RBAC configuration for you.

Automatic HTTPS Certification and renewal

Kalm makes it easy to setup HTTPS via Let's Encrypt, including being able to handle wildcard certificates.

Advanced Traffic Routing

Kalm is designed to leverage the power of Service Meshes, which help you manage both internal and external traffic. Customize how gRPC based micro-services communicate, setup Canary and Blue-Green deployments, and add advanced filtering and throttling.

Webhooks for Integration

Kalm provides webhooks for updating and modifying applications running on your cluster. This makes it easy to setup CI/CD integration with Github Actions, CircleCI or Jenkins.

Improve DevOp workflow for the whole team

Quickly Deploy Applications

Most day-to-day application management tasks can be done through Kalm's web UI.

Configure Auto Healing

Easily create and configure liveness and readiness probes to optimize application uptime.

Manage Config Files and Secrets

Kubernetes has an extremely flexible but confusing storage and config system. Kalm presents a much simpler interface for common tasks.

Light and Dark UI

Optimized for multiple color modes. Use light or dark, your choice.

Reduce Boilerplate and Copy-Pasting

Kubernetes YAML files typically contain a lot of boilerplate code, which leads to excessive copy-pasting and redundancy. Kalm organizes resources into 'Applications', which drastically reduces the amount of boilerplate.

Permission and Access Control

Assign team permissions with a fine degree of control. Make security policies simple, with flexibility to manage access-control cluster-wide or even down to a specific microservice level.

Install Kalm Today

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